May 21, 2014

Green Coffee Bean Extract – A Popular Supplement for Weight Loss

Were you aware that coffee, at least naturally when it’s picked, is actually a berry? There’s a seed inside, which is what we call the coffee bean. These are roasted, ground up and then made into a beverage, imparting their flavor into water as they are steeped. Yet, coffee beans are not naturally brown/black, but instead are green. Recently it’s come to the attention of scientists and researchers that we may be losing many of the great compounds, antioxidants, and metabolic boosters that are naturally in coffee through the roasting process. Primarily, a compound known as chlorogenic acid, or CGA, is listed as one of most important compounds lost. This antioxidant has been shown to block fat uptake into the body, and help to boost metabolism. It also has been shown in studies to decrease carbohydrate absorption and help to keep blood sugar stable.

Green Coffee and Doctor Oz’s Promotion of it

Green Coffee CupAlthough Dr. Oz does not typically promote any particular product, he has mentioned the great results that often come with the use of green coffee extract. A study he conducted in order to test its efficacy found that, among a sampling of 100 women, those that took green coffee extract lost significantly more weight than those on the placebo.  This group lost 2 pounds per week, while the placebo group lost 1 pound or less per week. This lends support to numerous other studies that found, even without changing your diet or exercise routine, you can lose weight reliably just by taking this supplement.

Dr. Oz indicates that there’s several things you need to keep in mind when you select a supplier for Green Coffee extract, such as having at least 45% chlorogenic acid. You want to have a product that also contains GCA (Green Coffee antioxidants) which helps consistently with weight loss. You want to get pure green coffee extract, and oftentimes these will have up to 80% chlorogenic acid. These are the best quality products available.

How Green Coffee Extracts Generate Weight Loss

There are several key ways that green coffee produces these results. It helps to block fat: blocking the fat you take in through foods to prevent your body from using this and absorbing it into your cells. Secondly, it limits the absorption of carbohydrates, helping you to burn stored fats instead of making more lipids to then store in your cells. Helps to regulate blood-sugar levels in users, allowing those users who experience issues with their “crash” due to blood sugar drops, and subsequent cravings, to avoid these consequences.

There are several antioxidants that are found in green coffee which are destroyed when it’s roasted. These have been shown to help boost metabolism and decrease appetite, but also help to reduce the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. CGA is a great addition to any weight loss attempt, as the diet helps to boost metabolism, and burn stored fat. Beyond that, cutting the uptake of fat into our body through absorption of fat we eat helps to limit the damage we can do to our bodies when we “cheat” during any sort of weight loss program. These are just some of the benefits to green coffee extract, but each person will find something they love about the use of green coffee for themselves. Science is still open ended about the benefits and long term results of this treatment, but it’s clear that one this is true, it certainly helps people lose weight quickly.