About Us

We are one of the premier packaging and moving companies in the USA today, servicing all of the greater California region.  This blog is a resource for visitors to discuss our company, healthy living, lifestyle choices and other important matters related to healthy lifestyle.

We accept questions, or suggested topics regularly, however, there’s no guarantee offered on submissions (whether they will ultimately appear on the site or not).  We do encourage you to email us posts, that are well researched and referenced, however, we will not accept payment for any reason in this regard.  Our main website has changed, and we are no longer operating this website as a link through to our services for moving in California.  If you would like to visit us you can do so at cargopackersca.com

Topics we typically cover are things like supplements which help people lose weight (there should be clinical human trials that show this) or other important areas of concern for weight loss.  Dieting and exercise programs we try or advocate are listed on the site regularly, and all of them will be sourced particularly effectively to try and assist our readers as much as possible in this goal.